Managing Web Sales

One of our most popular modules enables Encore users to manage website sales, customer and product information from within the system itself. Encore integrates with a variety of shopping cart platforms including Magento, a popular open-source solution which is widely used by web developers.

The ability to manage product and customer information from within a single system eliminates the need for a separate website content management system, saving users a significant amount of time. The system is designed to help users manage and grow their web sales and provides a very rapid return on investment.

Key Features

  • Publish real time stock availability information
  • Upload product images from Encore directly
  • Manage product categories and attributes
  • Manage multiple price lists
  • Capture web sale and customer information
  • Produce all web sale related documentation

We’re produced this short video to demonstration how Encore can be used to manage a website equipped with the Magento ecommerce platform.

If you have any questions about our web sales module or you require any additional information, please complete the form below.