Adtech Case Study

Adtech Case Study

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Adtech Polymer Engineering started using Encore from Anagram Systems back in the late ’90s and now depends on the software to assist in the day to day running of the business.

About Adtech

Adtech was founded 32 years ago by polymer technologist Patrick Thody, and Adtech Polymer Engineering is the principal supplier of these high tech plastics. Based across two branches in Gloucestershire and Scotland, the company is ISO 9001:2008 approved and has a £2.5m+ turnover with a staff of 20. Adtech stocks and manufactures high performance fluoroplastics, which are used in a wide variety of industries, and in turn the company needs to keep track of its materials and orders.

Adtech holds stock of basic fluoropolymer tubing and heat shrink for resale to its trade customers, and designs and supplies bespoke products for customer specific applications. With around 800-900 active customers in wide areas of industry, Patrick Thody realised that he needed a system that could handle all aspects of his business.

Choosing the right software

In the early ‘90s Patrick started looking for a fully integrated system that would handle all stock, ordering and buying as well as his accounting needs. Adtech used Sage for several years, but in 1998 Patrick started looking around for a new system.

“Following our experience with Sage, this time round we were cautious, if an installation goes wrong it can destroy a business. We had heard great things about Anagram Systems, and we knew from experience that opting for a well-known name wouldn’t necessarily be the best solution for us, as buying a new software system is really an act of faith. What did impress me was that they quickly gave me references, straightforward, honest people I could relate to who were using the system and liked it.”

How Encore works

From the purchase of raw materials or components, through assembly and warehousing to sale of finished product, with Encore you have one transparent solution to run and manage every part of your Manufacturing business. Encore is available out of the box in three different versions, Essentials, Premier and Premier Plus with a range of additional modules available. Due to Encore’s modular nature, you can pick and choose the features and functions your business needs, and should you have a requirement that isn’t currently available in Encore, we can create a bespoke module for you.

Encore’s manufacturing features allow you to manage all of your assemblies, recipes, master batches and mixes or formulations seamlessly.

  • With unlimited sub-assemblies and finished products, you can associate all the required parts, materials and ingredients for your products.
  • When purchase orders are raised the cost of a works order or job is instantly calculated and when the purchase order becomes a sales order, a works order can be created automatically.
  • Navigation within Encore is easy to use and users have the ability to zoom in and out to any level of the manufacturing process.
  • Brand new components or products can be entered easily and BOMs can be imported from other sources.
  • For bespoke or customised products, a standard BOM can be imported and customised for that particular job.
  • Once an order or job has been completed it is automatically entered into stock and can then be dispatched with a delivery note.

How the system works for Adtech

Adtech’s Encore system supports twelve users, both operating accounts and management staff, who are responsible for each line of business. It handles sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock control, as well as all the company’s accounting requirements. The main system is at the head office in Gloucestershire, but there is also a remote terminal link at Adtech’s production facility in Scotland.

General Manager Samantha Deverell is responsible for managing all areas of the business, as well as customer service for Adtech’s bespoke products. She is using all elements of the package from sales order and purchase order entry, stock, accounting information and reporting facilities.

“It’s just very flexible and easy to enter an order. I’ve trained numerous people in the company on this software and Encore works in a logical manner. I can also move around the screens quickly to find all the information I want. While I’m in a sales order and looking at a particular product, I can jump straight over to that product record and see all the purchase orders. I can instantly see all the specific costs and selling prices relating to a single customer order really easily.”

“When looking at a customer’s sales history, Encore shows me the total sales by product at a high level, but I can drill down on the screen from these totals to see the original sales order or invoice and what they paid on a particular invoice. Or I can see all the orders for a product during a month, or all the stock movements in and out. Everything is available at the touch of a button. We’ve got full histories of what we’ve sent, what we’ve invoiced, and all stock movements.”

“Encore is also very flexible and can cope with the special requirements we have and it handles returns well too. When an item comes back from a customer we can raise a credit note and choose whether to book it back into stock. When we return goods to a supplier we can recall the completed purchase order and if we’re sending back, say, 500 metres, this prints a returns note and reinstates the order as still outstanding.”

Encore offers many of the multi-features normally confined to more expensive systems, and it holds multiple product selling prices for the end-user, trade or high volume sales, as well as special prices for particular customers. Adtech also trades with US customers in dollars, and sells and purchases products in Euros, so using the multi-currency handling is an integral functionality for the business. It is multi-location, too, handling stocks and transfers at the main Stroud warehouse and at the Scottish production facility.

“I am still extremely pleased with this software 16 years on, Anagram continue to make improvements to the system and now we can work electronically and reduce costs. We are still receiving extremely good support from the Anagram Helpdesk, the staff are knowledgeable and actually use the system daily, unlike other software companies where I could only talk to the dealer.

Encore has helped us improve our customer service over the years and if the whole place burned down tomorrow I’d do exactly the same again.”