Chemical Testimonials


openWe originally adopted the package in 2007 and of course after expected “teething” experiences we have settled down quite well I was impressed with the number of reports the system generated and the depth of the features.

Various modifications have been made to the package over the past few years and I have found it invaluable for running a growing business. We are delighted that this is UK based business with software designed for UK businesses. We

have total faith in our data and in the people with Anagram – when there is a problem, they listen. They have the required technical skills, complete personal commitment and they are focused on providing customer service. The most

important benefit we have gained is the comfort factor. We now have a consistent, reliable piece of software with the ability to drill down easily into the detail of every job. I cannot speak highly enough of the service that I have received from Anagram, like the product itself it has been outstanding. I would recommend the same without hesitation.closing