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Encore for Chemical Manufacturers

Encore for Chemical Manufacturers

With full batch traceability, recipes and formulas, production planning and packaging and hazardous goods information built in, Encore is designed to run your entire chemical manufacturing business from end to end.

Encore is available out of the box in three different versions, Essentials, Premier and Premier Plus with a range of additional modules available.

Due to Encore’s modular nature, you can pick and choose the features and functions your chemical manufacturing business needs, and should you have a requirement that isn’t currently available on Encore, we can create a bespoke module for you.

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Batch Traceability

Verify the history, location, or application of an item. Allows for more accurate stock evaluation and gives you the ability to apply expiry dates to specific batches.


All the information you will ever need at the push of a button, over 100 detailed and customisable built in reports, including; invoices, credit notes, contact lists and item availability.

Recipes and Formulas

Create recipes and formulas and track quantities of raw materials used. Save duplicate and combine formulas, with constant, accurate control over raw materials.


Revolutionary Assemblies and BOM functions. Giving you straightforward, faultless assembly. Works Order management for unbeatable efficiency & control.

Hazardous Goods Info

Keep track of required warning labels and packaging for products containing hazardous goods, ensuring compliance with health and safety.

Stock Control

Seamlessly control stock from multiple locations, using multiple currencies, maintaining a record of comprehensive stock information which can easily be converted into a detailed report.

Production Planning

Streamline your production lines by planning your production to make the best use of raw materials, equipment and other resources.


Instantly convert any sales or works order to a purchase order, ensuring that stock levels and ledger details are accurate, allowing you to dedicate more time to expanding your business.

Sales Opportunities & eMarketing

Keep track of your customers more efficiently. Includes extensive customer detail screen with keywords, comments, sales history, contact log and related customers.

Sales Order Processing

Convert quotations to sales orders fast. Sales ledger compiles on the fly using the data you’ve entered. Company wide sales overview with full back office support for any number of sites.


Improve profits by defining and managing budgets, handling payments and creating full financial reports. Integrated features streamline all aspects of financial operations.


With Encore, full automation is a reality. Images, prices and descriptions are taken straight from Encore and sent to your website making product page creation easy.

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