Production Planning Module

The Production Planning module provides you with all the necessary needs to meet your production schedules. Production planning is divided into three specific phases:

The first phase is production requirement, this calculates the manufacturing need based on system demand, pulled through from orders received into Encore. This can be run at any time on a weekly basis, and will suggest works orders which can be raised in order to achieve your required product output.

By tracking or matching the “make” you retain complete control over your manufacturing workflow. Once the “make” box is selected the works order will be automatically generated at the time you set.

Production Planning

The second phase is production planning, this gives you a clear view of what is scheduled to be made and the date that it is required to be made by. This section also highlights what you can make and items of the component’s availability, and if you can make specific targets based on the deadline you want this product to be made by.

The third phase is the component planning, this looks at the production planning in detail and lists all component requirements needed to complete the process. This section takes into account component lead times, and expected Purchase Order receipts. From this it will feed back into the automatic purchasing and suggest component orders that need to be made. It will allow the user to change dates manually and replan the production flow as required. Any shortfalls highlights then link directly to the automatic purchase function giving you a completely overview of the production position to indicate any shortfalls.

Production Planning – Module Summary

The production planning module helps you by providing detailed visibility of product and component system demands and planned time scales. In short it tells you what you need to make, what you can make, when you can make it, to plan and whether you have the requisite component to plan the production. The Production Planning module is available on version 9.4, please speak to our sales adviser for more information.


  • Easy to use process
  • Complete control over manufacturing workflow
  • Creates suggestions for production
  • Highlights component availability
  • Creates production targets
  • Week by week overview
  • Component lead time processing



  • Reduce administration significantly
  • Time saving
  • Improved stock-on-hand management
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Improved stock visibility

If you would like to find out more about Production Planning, or would like a demonstration by our Sales Team, please fill in the form below.

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