Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello and welcome to Anagram Systems’ blog!

By now you will have realised that we have a new and improved website, but what new features are there that can help you?

News & Events

This is where we will update all things Anagram, from technology news to events. This section of the website will be key to keeping in touch with our customers and the rest of the world, so they know what new and exciting things we are doing.

Customer and Partner Forums

We are very excited about this new part of the site. The Customer Forum aims to bring together all of our customers, for networking, discussing ideas on Encore best practice, any information on customer-specific events. We will also be adding a marketplace, where customers can sell products to one another. The forum will also have access to the Knowledge Base, which is currently being updated to give you the best up to date information.

The Partner Forum is similar, where Encore resellers can network with each other and have access to all the documents they need.

Social Media

Don’t forget to add us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we update our news on these sites too, so come and say hello.


We hope you enjoy our new website, we always look at suggestions so let us know! marketing@anagramsystems.co.uk.

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