Marine Testimonials


openThe company is a regional, multi-outlet business with web site sales complementing the retail outlets. We needed enterprise features, such as full functional integration, in its accounting and business management software but not at an enterprise pricing level. This is what it obtained from Anagram Systems. We required an easy-to-use product that would give us the stock control and insight into the sales history and margin data we needed to continue growing his profitable business. Encore provided what we needed and we can now concentrate on growing the business year on year confident that are no unknown problems lurking in the stock control area. Encore helps to remove unexpected shocks, saves us money, and helps us run our business more efficiently. In 2005 I was given the job of choosing a software package that would suit our business. After reviewing many different products, I finally decided on Anagram System’s Encore. Over the last 6 years we have gained a huge amount of insight into the package & have realised over & over again, we made the correct choice. The support Anagram offers to its customers is first class and they are prepared to listen to suggestions and if they agree, include them into the next release of the software. This alone is very useful and I feel that it adds a huge amount to the overall package. Several special modifications for our company have also been written into the package very quickly & relatively cheaply. I have recommended Anagram Systems & Encore to several of their prospective customers & will continue to do so without hesitation.closing