Ecommerce and ERP

Fully Integrated Ecommerce and ERP software

The Web Sales module is a great addition to Encore, taking your business into the world of online sales, while you enjoy the benefits  of a single database plus integrated stock control and accounting functions. Our ecommerce and ERP software solution is ideal for customers looking to expand sales channels online in one database, significantly reducing website maintenance.

We use Magento because it’s the fastest growing, most popular, open source software that is used to power online shops. Magento also offers purchasable templates for your web store, which you can customise yourself, so you can brand your store to match your website.

The Web Sales module comes in two versions, the first option is the Open Web Module, which is aimed at customers who already have a website and don’t need to use Magento. This version provides the Encore module and a standard file which your web designers can pull into your website.

The second option is the full Magento store which is designed to work out of the box with a standard Magento website. Your web designers have the full ability to customise your store to your brand.

We understand that online stores are set up to generate money and increase sales reach, so we’ve produced a standard set of features that can support your company, and with continual development ensures this is updated on a regular basis.

We would be very pleased to provide you and your team with a demonstration of Encore so you can see our ecommerce and ERP functionality in action.

Ecommerce and ERP

Encore ERP

Ecommerce and ERP

Encore ERP

We’ve also added functionality to upload multiple images of your products, so your customers know exactly what they’re buying before they purchase, meaning less returns and refunds. You can also manage your goods easily, with updates and changes directly through Encore. With short and long descriptions, multiple costs, variable attributes, built-in SEO, upload key data from your site to Encore, link products and the ability to link off to alternative URLs. This module offers huge savings in web administration – since you only have to do a task once in Encore.

Ecommerce and ERP

Encore ERP

The Web Sales module also facilitates standard Magento plugins for linking with eBay, Amazon and other online shopping sites*, so customers are redirected to your site automatically, and with a shopping basket interface and full payment functions, customers can be clear on what they are buying and pay easily.

*Currently in development


  • Maximise sales
  • Increase Return on Investment
  • Reduce time & administration
  • Up to date stock information
  • Reduce data input errors
  • Continue use of Purchase Orders
  • Product information in one place


  • Multiple store capability
  • Product break down into categories
  • Web design features
  • Integrate with PayPal
  • SEO analytics
  • Customisable templates
  • Links from eBay & Amazon

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All versions of Encore come with the following features included:

Multi Currency, Full Financials, E C Sales, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Interactive Calendar, Stock Control, Pictures, Bar Coding and Full Reporting.

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