Encore in the cloud

Encore is available as an on premise installation, where the system and data are stored on a business’ own servers, however, more and more of our customers are opting for deployment in the cloud. In this scenario, we host Encore and a customer’s business data on a secure server in a dedicated data centre and users access the system via the internet.

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Encore in the cloud

There are many practical and commercial benefits for choosing Encore in the cloud. First of all, you don’t need your own server infrastructure. This means one less piece of hardware to manage and maintain. This can lead to some substantial cost savings.

Security is another major benefit. Your system and data are hosted in a state of the art facility which is managed around the clock by a team of experienced, highly specialist engineers. Your system and data are ring-fenced by powerful anti-virus and anti-malware applications which are updated on a continual basis. The cloud platform is so robust that we guarantee 99.9% uptime

Once Encore has been deployed in the cloud, it can be accessed by authorised users from wherever they can access the internet. Improved accessibility means you and your team members can work from practically anywhere, improving day-today efficiency and productivity.

CAPEX vs OPEX. From an accounting point of view many companies will prefer the benefits of low monthly hosting payments from an operating budget and the ability to flex to meet business needs over an upfront capital investment, depreciated over time that sits on the balance sheet.

The following managed services are included as standard in our hosting package:

  • Nightly out of hours backup
  • Weekly backup to servers at second datacentre
  • Dedicated helpdesk (9 am – 5 pm) with emergency out of hours support available
  • Dedicated helpdesk portal
  • Performance monitoring
  • Dedicated account manager

Whether you are one of our existing customers or a business currently researching cloud based ERP or business management systems, we would love to talk to you about our solution. Please complete the form below or contact: sales@anagramsystems.co.uk

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