Aures EPOS Equipment and Hardware

Solutions for your Retail Business

As a leading developer of retail business management software, we are regularly asked for advice about EPOS terminals, printers and peripherals, including Aures EPOS solutions.

We are pleased to recommend Aures EPOS solutions which we have tested extensively using Encore, our widely used front office, stock management and accounting software for retailers.

Like us, Aures have decades of experience in providing cutting edge solutions which are key to simplifying day to day management and helping businesses improved performance.

Aures EPOS products are ideal for modern retailers which require advanced functionality alongside compact, stylishly designed hardware with a strong aesthetic appeal which complements a company’s image and brand.

As leading retail business management experts, we are the ideal ‘one stop shop’ for providing Aures EPOS hardware and the software required to run your company. We can also provide training and expert guidance to help you refine yous business processes and procedures.

Encore from Anagram Systems

Our software has been designed to provide everything a modern retailer needs to run their businesses – all within a single system. Encore is easy to use and ideal for growing companies. Standard functionality includes:

  • EPOS
  • Stock Control
  • Barcode Reading
  • Sales Management
  • Purchasing
  • Web Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Reporting

Encore is available in three standard versions with a wide range of modules available and our program of continuous development ensures that our customers remain ahead of their competition. Encore can also be customised, providing retailers with functionality that is tailored to their business.

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If you would like to request further information about Aures EPOS terminals and hardware, please contact us.Email: or call us on 01403 259551.

We can supply detailed product specifications, costs and information about using Encore and Aures products together to manage your retail business.