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Software for wholesalers

An end to end ERP system designed to help you manage all aspects of wholesale distribution

As a wholesale and distribution business grows, so do the complexities of accurately managing the supply chain, especially as the size of the company’s inventory increases.

Encore is one of the most comprehensive business management system available for wholesale and distribution. The system incorporates in-depth stock control management with Point of Sale, purchasing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and full financial management functionality.

Encore software can be seamlessly integrated with a company’s website, enabling users to manage every aspect of the web sales-cycle, from publishing product information online through to downloading sales orders into the system.

By managing your business using a single, simple to use system, we can help your teams can work together more efficiently and productively, enabling you to focus on growing your customer and supplier relationships.

With everything in one place, Encore eliminates the problems associated with synchronising changes between multiple, disparate software systems and spreadsheets. This means business managers can obtain the accurate view of business performance that is essential for planning and decision making.

Encore is ideal for wholesale distribution businesses which require straightforward ‘pick, pack and ship’ functionality and companies with more complex multi-channel processing challenges.

If you’ve ever looked at ERP software designed for mid-size wholesale and distribution companies, and been put off by the price and complexity of the solution, we think you’ll be impressed with what we can provide.

Encore is a comprehensive, cost effective and simple to use system which equips businesses on limited budgets with the advanced functionality of software designed for large companies.

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Encore for wholesalers – key features

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