For Manufacturing Businesses


As a manufacturing business grows, so do the complexities of managing the processes that are key to efficient production and ensuring that the company has the stock and resources required to meet deadlines and fulfil customer orders.

Disparate systems, inaccurate stock levels, traceability issues and lack of in-depth customer data are only a few of the challenges faced by the manufacturers we work with.

Encore Software developed specifically for small and medium sized manufacturers is a powerful, fully integrated business management system that seamlessly integrates:

• Advanced stock control functionality
• Production planning
• Assemblies
• Workflow management
• Full financials
• and CRM

Using the latest secure technologies, Encore will enable you to manage and monitor
your business using one precise single view. No more inaccurate and disparate
software systems, instead, better planning and decision making.
Encore Software empowers manufacturing businesses to:

  • Operate more efficiently and productively
  • Build high levels of accuracy across distribution, manufacturing and operational departments.
  • Focus on growing customer and supplier relationships.

A simple to use software that delivers advanced functionality to manufacturers with limited budgets.
Encore Software:

  • Seamlessly integrates with a company’s website, enabling users to manage every aspect of the web sales-cycle, from publishing product information online through to downloading sales orders into the system.
  • Equips small and medium manufacturers to manage every aspect of their business efficiently and profitably.

If you’ve ever looked at ERP software designed for mid-size enterprises and been put off by the price and complexity of the solution, we think you’ll be impressed with what we can provide.
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“As our business has grown, so has our understanding and use of Encore - it’s been a powerful tool for our business. Our relationship with the team at Anagram is first class - they’re friendly, approachable and always have time to help solve our problems. The quality of the backup support team is superb and I find this as important for system reliability.”