Government report reveals that cyberattacks hit half of UK business in 2016

Government report reveals that cyberattacks hit half of UK business in 2016

Cloud computing can help improve data security

This month, the government published a report which revealed that just under half of all British businesses were victim to at least one cyber security breach last year.

Commissioned by the Department for Culture Media and Sport, the report found that 46 per cent of all businesses discovered at least one cyber security breach in 2016, with the average cost to firms ranging between £1,570 and £19,600.

The report, which is part of the government’s National Cyber Security Programme, also warned that costs could come from the loss of customers, data or assets, handling customer complaints, and dishing out compensation, fines or legal fees.

In the last twelve months, we’ve seen a number of our customers fall victim to cyberattacks and this is one of the reasons why we are now offering managed hosting in secure ISO 27001 datacentre facilities.

Our managed hosting service provides businesses on limited IT budgets with access to state of the art facilities which are ring-fenced by powerful security applications. These ensure that our customer’s software systems and data are secure at all times.

Ensuring on-premise hardware is regularly updated to ensure it is invulnerable to attacks can be time-consuming and expensive. Our service includes updates and backups as standard in addition to enterprise level firewalls to prevent intrusion and theft.

In addition to hosting Encore in the cloud, we can also accommodate other software applications and websites, providing a ‘one stop shop’ for managed services.

If you’re concerned about the security of your systems and data, we would be pleased to provide you with more information about our managed hosting offering and secure datacentre facilities

We would be very happy to provide you with access to a demonstration version of Encore in the cloud. If you are an existing Encore user, we can also upload a clone of your own deployment so you can compare the speed and performance a hosted version of the software versus your on-premise deployment.

The feedback we have received from customers who have migrated to the cloud has been highly positive with many business reporting that Encore is running faster than it was as an on-premise deployment.

The government report can be accessed via this link.