For Marine Chandlery Businesses

Marine chandlers face many challenges when it comes to successfully growing a business. Whether it’s stock management or producing financial and management reports, you’re left with time consuming tasks that often result in discrepancies.

Chandlery businesses stock a vast array of products, from single unit items to packs or bulk items, making it hard to manage and optimise stock levels. We know from our experience working with marine chandlery businesses that this can often lead to inaccurate, uncontrollable stock management.

On top of this, marine chandlers experience seasonal purchasing variations, struggle to keep up to date with the latest legislation and those chandlers with boat yards can have problems in tracking boat repairs and servicing.

Are you finding your business is running away from you?

Whatever your struggle, Encore Software for Marine Chandlers has been developed by people who understand your business and your sector.

Using the latest secure technologies, Encore will enable you to manage and monitor your business using one precise single view. No more inaccurate and disparate software systems, instead, better planning and decision making.

Encore Software empowers your teams and individuals to:

  • Work together more efficiently and productively
  • Focus on customer and supplier relationships
  • Manage every aspect of marine chandlery administration efficiently and profitably, including your boat services and repairs.

A simple to use software that delivers advanced functionality to marine chandlery businesses with limited budgets.

Encore Software:

  • Incorporates in-depth stock control management with Point of Sale, Purchasing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and full financial management functionality.
  • Seamlessly integrates with a company’s website, enabling users to manage every aspect of the web sales-cycle, from publishing product information online through to downloading sales orders from customers into the system.
  • Equips marine chandlery businesses to manage every aspect of their sales counter and online sales administration efficiently and profitably.

If you’ve ever looked at ERP software designed for marine chandlers and been put off by the price and complexity of the solution, we think you’ll be impressed with what we can provide.

Encore is a comprehensive, cost effective and simple to use system which equips marine chandlers on limited budgets with the advanced functionality of software designed for large companies.

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As our business has expanded Encore has grown with us, there has never been cause to even look at another system. Stock inputting and reporting was a key requirement for us and through using Encore we can obtain quickly and easily all the information we need. The system itself is very easy to navigate with a very user friendly layout. From the initial sale through to implementation and beyond, the support from Anagram Systems has been excellent and we would certainly have no hesitation in recommending them.