Manufacturing Testimonials


openWe have been using Encore now for several years and would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted we are with the software and very often recommend it.  Encore is user friendly, probably the best system we have used. Your telephone support is excellent and any problems are sorted out very quickly.  For us, the factoring aspect is unbelievably good and has been of the greatest help. It is an area that we do not have to worry about; it is all taken care of. Also, being a manufacturer, it is wonderful to have all products on the system, stocktakes are so easy now.  In fact there is very little we can think of that this program cannot do.closing

openAs a former user of Sage accounting it was a great relief for me to discover your Encore accounts package. It is excellent value for money and has far more features than your rival’s software.  I use it to run all aspects of my factory including production planning where I find it particularly useful, with a few clicks of the mouse I can easily plan production for the next week and control stock levels.  Data entry is quick and easy and leaves an audit trail that is easy to follow. There seems to be a report for every occasion. And should I ever have a problem I find your customer services team very friendly and always very helpful with an excellent understanding of the software and my business needs. It is so much better talking to real people than some anonymous person in a call centre. I would highly recommend Anagram Encore to anyone running a business.closing

openWe have used Encore since it was a DOS system and have continued to use Encore for Windows since we migrated in 2002 and we are very satisfied with the system.  Encore is an extremely easy system to use. If you are familiar with one section of the package, for example the Sales Ledger, you simply apply that knowledge when working in other parts of the package.  One of the biggest bonuses of the package from our Company’s point of view is that we have been able to have some modifications done to suit some very precise demands of our business. These modifications coupled with ease of use of the system have created a significant reduction in workload for existing staff and an easier training programme for new staff.closing

openWe discovered Anagram almost 30 years ago in the pre- windows era. It must be admitted that the major attraction at that time was the 16 digits Stock Reference Number, when the majority of other software was only offering 8. However time has proved that it was a very good move on our part.  Since we started to use Anagram we have seen the software progress out of all recognition. Initially with the introduction of Encore using Windows and then continuing to develop over the years with additional features or amendments and improvements to existing facilities.  We find the fully integrated system to be of great benefit. Indigo is a small operation and Encore allows a ‘non specialist’ to handle the accounts without the need for a full time qualified bookkeeper. It is simplicity to raise a Sales Order, progress through to a Despatch Note, then confirm despatch and finally raise the Invoice, knowing that the Customer Account, Stock Record and Nominals including the VAT have been brought up to date at the same time. This gives tremendous benefits to Credit Control and controlling stock levels.  Last month we experienced a VAT audit by Customs & Excise. The officer concerned had not previously seen accounts handled through Encore but on leaving made a point of stating how easy he had been able to follow through of the each entry that he wished to review.  Encore is flexible and user friendly, allowing you to adapt to very specific and individual requirements. We operate Sterling, Euro, US Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar accounts without problem. We have in the past used the multi company feature. We now consider ourselves to be experienced Encore users and contact with support is minimal, but when we have experienced problems your backup and help is always appreciated.closing

openWe have used the Encore version of Anagram software since it was launched.  As a package, it enables us to carry out many of the administrative functions, such as order processing, contractual paperwork, stock accounting, etc on a common database which encompasses the subsequent bookkeeping and accounting data. The system enables us to cover a wide range of activities with a minimum of staff costs, and is sufficiently user friendly that activities can be progressed using non accounting staff.  We trade in three currencies, and the ability of the system to manage the contracts passing through in all the currencies and present values in the base currency is very useful on a day to day management basis.  We have saved a considerable amount of management time and postage cost with the e-mail link, which allows us to appear very efficient with our international customers; orders can be acknowledged in minutes virtually anywhere in the world.closing