Jewellery Business Management Software

Encore for jewellers

ERP software designed to meet the needs of jewellery manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Encore is probably the most feature-rich business management system available for jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The system is designed to centralise all business information within a single database and automate time-consuming administrative processes, such as managing approvals, keeping track of repairs and maintaining up to date customer information etc.

Encore incorporates comprehensive stock control management with Point of Sale, Purchasing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and full Financial Management functionality.

Encore can be seamlessly integrated with a company’s website, enabling users to manage every aspect of the web sales-cycle, from publishing product information online through to downloading sales orders into the system.

By managing your business using a single, simple to use system, we can help you and your teams streamline processes, improve efficiency and focus on growing your customer and supplier relationships.

With everything in one place, Encore eliminates the problems associated with synchronising changes between multiple, disparate software systems and spreadsheets. This means business managers can obtain the accurate view of business performance they need for planning and decision making.


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