Cash Sales & EPoS

Our cash sales module is ideal for merchants and retailers that need to process payments at point of sale and record details of all transactions in Encore’s financial and stock ledgers. Designed for use with touch-screens, this module includes an intuitive customisable till screen, ensuring all sales can be processed in a minimal amount of time.The module’s barcode functionality ensures that product details can be scanned into Encore directly, further reducing the time it takes to process a sale and print receipts. Users can process returns and print related documents quickly and easily. Stock level information is updated automatically following each transaction.

Sales and returns information is recorded against customer records held in Encore, enabling in-depth analysis of buying trends and patterns which provide the basis for follow up and cross-sell campaigning.

Our cash sales module is simple to set up for use on touch screens alongside cash drawers and printers. We also recommend and provide hardware, including Aures’ award winning range of Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) products.