Warehouse Management

This powerful extension to Encore’s existing inventory control functionality has been designed to help wholesalers, distributors and retailers simplify warehouse management.

Utilising wireless barcode technology, this module enables users to scan and record stock information which is automatically imported into Encore.

The solution enables businesses to conduct perpetual (or continuous) stock takes, providing Encore warehouse managers and picking staff with real-time information about stock quantities, availability and locations.

Pre-sales functionality makes it easy for sales people to create ‘shopping lists’ based on customer requirements. Once a sale has been processed, users can create picking lists which identify products and their locations, shortening fulfilment times.

Managing goods in and goods out is quick and simple. Users have complete visibility of stock levels and their locations at all times. Users can also track the movement of products when they are transferred between different bin locations.

Warehouse management – pick lists

Warehouse management – pick lists