What are the system requirements for a standalone computer to run Encore?

Encore will run on any computer which matches the following specification:

  • To have access to all features Windows® 7 is required.
  • Screen resolution 1024 by 768 or higher recommended.

What are the system requirements for a standard network server to run Encore?

A server copy of Windows® (for the appropriate number of users) is the recommended software. The minimum server specification is:

  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • A Multicore processor
  • 500MB of free disc space
  • Do not run Microsoft Exchange Server unless absolutely required as it can cause Encore to respond slowly.

Client machines (standard network)

  • Work stations should use Windows® 7 or later, Windows® XP will still function but some Encore features will not be available.
  • Use the same operating system (we recommend Windows® 2007 or later).
  • Have at least 1GB network cards
  • 17″ monitor
  • Have a Multicore based processor
  • Have a minimum of 250GB disc space
  • A CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM)
  • A mouse or equivalent
  • Internet access

What are the system requirements for a terminal network server to run Encore?

This is a particular type of network, with a very powerful central computer (server) which not only holds the Encore data, but also holds and runs the Encore programs on behalf of each client computer. With this type of network, the client machines can be older low specification machines.

Terminal Server

The specification will depend on the number of client computers to be attached – the more computers, the more memory, and the more powerful the processor(s) required. Windows® Server with Terminal Server is the operating system. Discuss the configuration with your dealer/consultant.
Client machines for Terminal Server

These can be almost any specification of machine that can run Windows®  (XP onwards) – but note that monitors with older machines should be at least 17”. Since the Encore programs are actually run on the server, there is comparatively light network traffic – older 100MB network cards can be used. See specification for Client machines (standard network).

What is Encore?

Encore ERP software for small business is an all-in-one solution designed with everything you need to understand, expand, and manage your business. Track stock, sales and repairs, increase customer loyalty and attract new customers simply, cost effectively and reliably. Encore has been developed for specific industries, however the primary functions remain the same:

  • Answer queries quickly and easily – the easy to use customer, supplier and stock enquiry screens provide all the information you need to answer questions on the spot.
  • Easy to use sales and purchase order processing ensures full visibility of your stock position at all times. Back to back purchase ordering can be used where appropriate.
  • Fast entry POS screen means you don’t keep your customers waiting. Supports barcode scanning and optional online payment authorisation.
  • Generate quotations for your customers, print as a proforma invoice if required and convert to an order.
  • Keep track of customer and supplier appointments and reminders with the built-in interactive calendar.
  • Generate sales invoices and receive purchase invoices in multiple currencies. Send documents by e-mail or fax.
  • Flexible stock control options allow for FIFO, batch traceability and serial numbering plus multiple locations. If you don’t use batching, negative stock can be allowed.
  • Store images of your products and print them on receipts and other documents.
  • Print barcoded specialised jewellery tickets for your stock.
  • Keep track of stock items sent out on approval, then return or invoice them quickly and easily.
  • Create BOMs for manufactured items and track them through each stage of the manufacturing process. Metal and stone cost tables ensure that the costs of manufactured items are kept up to date with current commodity prices.
  • Record details of items brought in for repair, then track through all the stages of the repair process, including requesting quotes from and instructing third party repairers. On completion, simply invoice the customer for the job through the POS screen.
  • Comprehensive set of accounting and management reports, including the ability to link the data dynamically to an excel spreadsheet, gives you all the information you need to run your business effectively.
  • Use a PDA to collect product data and download to Encore for stocktakes, receipts or despatches.
  • All VAT information calculated automatically, including margin scheme for secondhand goods.
  • Simply submit your VAT return with a couple of button clicks.
  • Annual maintenance and support agreement ensures you get the support you need, all year round.

Who is Encore designed for?

Encore has been designed for small to medium sized businesses. Encore can be adapted to suit any company or industry, with its range of intuitive features and additional modules.
Encore ERP software for small business has been developed for people who want one simple solution to run their entire business. Our continuous programme of development keeps users at the forefront of technology and ahead of their competitors, and our team of dedicated software developers are constantly making advances

Which version should I choose?

The Encore package you choose will depend on how your business is run. Take a look at our Find a Solution page where you can select your industry and compare software solutions based on their features and functions.
You can also contact us for more technical information and help with choosing the most suitable edition of our ERP software for small business.

Can I upgrade from one version to another?

You can upgrade from one version of Encore to another (e.g. Premier to Premier Plus); additional modules can also be added at the time of upgrading contact us for more information on upgrading Encore.

Can I add additional users at a later date?

Yes you can add additional users at any time after the software has been installed.
There is a charge, which will be dependant upon the version of Encore you  have contact us if you would like to purchase extra user licences.

Can I add more modules at a later date?

Additonal modules can be added after Encore has been installed. Go to Find a Solution, then select the software version you require to read about our additional modules and what is available to you or contact us for more information.

What support will I receive?

From your initial call to Anagram all the way through to support calls for your  new Encore system, we are on hand with friendly staff to assist you in any of your Encore queries.

Contact us
Call us today on 01403 259551 to see how we can help you improve your business with the purchase of Encore– the fully integrated Business Management Software. (Accounts, Stock Control, EPOS, Reporting, Cash Sales, S/O, P/O, W/O, VAT, multi currency, e-business, CRM and more).

Do I have to take out a support and maintenance contract when I purchase Encore?

Support and maintenance is compulsory when purchasing Encore. This will give you benefits such as software updates and access to the support helpline for technical advice. After that 12 month period you will be contacted to renew your support and maintenance, to ensure your Encore package performs as it should to manage your business.

Can someone install Encore for me?

We have technicians available to install Encore for you. If this is a requirement please state this at the time of ordering your software, where this can be discussed in further detail.

What training is available?

Training is always recommended for new Encore users, particularly for your key staff. We will tailor the training to suit your particular requirements and even if you are an experienced Encore user, our training service is always available to improve your knowledge of the system. We also offer Encore Training Masterclasses at the Anagram offices, based in West Sussex. This training is held throughout the year and focuses on specific areas of the Encore software in each session. For more information on upcoming events please visit the Events page.

How much does Encore cost?

Encore software starts at just £495 for our Essentials package which provides the key functions you need need to run your start up or small business. Encore Essentials can be run either conventionally on site or you can take advantage of our hosted version which gives you cloud access.

Together with the support we provide, a range of additional modules and the ability to upgrade to either our Premier or our Premier Plus package means that Encore can take care of your business for many years, leaving you to take care of growing your business.

For detailed pricing on all our software please call our sales team 01403 259551.