Managing Web Sales

This powerful module is essential for businesses which sell their products online, providing seamless integration between Encore and a company’s website via many different shopping cart platforms including Magento (versions 1 and 2).

The module reduces the administrative burden of managing website sales, enabling users to publish product information and images to a website from within Encore itself. This eliminates the need for a separate website content management system.

Web sales and enquiries are imported from a company’s website into Encore directly without the need for any manual intervention and documents including receipts, invoices, and delivery notes can be printed and emailed in seconds.

By eliminating manual administration and freeing up your team members’ time, they can focus on growing sales and supporting customers. The module provides a rapid return on investment and is key to helping businesses grow their online sales and providing high quality customer care.

Key Features

  • Publish real time stock availability information
  • Upload product images from Encore directly
  • Manage product categories and attributes
  • Manage multiple price lists
  • Capture web sale and customer information
  • Produce all web sale related documentation

If you don’t have your own web developer, we can take care of integrating your website with Encore for you and also ensure your team can use the module confidently and fluently.

We’re produced this short video to demonstration how Encore can be used to manage a website equipped with the Magento ecommerce platform: