Wholesale and Distribution Testimonials


openWhen the company was set up in 1984 we were looking for an integrated package that would look after the invoicing, stock control and accounts. We were recommended to use Anagram IASv3 which we used daily until making the
change to the windows based Encore in 2000. Encore has proved to be an excellent stable platform allowing us to get on and run the business efficiently. As an importer and distributor of high pressure pumps the stock control analysis, especially the historical data on past purchases and sales (quantities, ordering patterns etc) has proved invaluable. It has ensured that we order our stock in the right quantities at the right time. Being able to view customers previous orders on screen is a big bonus and has saved a lot of searching through conventional files and has helped us send out the correct parts, even if the customer doesn’t know what he wants. As a manager without accounting experience the final analysis and reports have allowed me to present monthly accounts to my German Principals with ease and confidence. Above all else the level of service has marked out Anagram as a very special company, on the few occasions when we have had problems or we don’t know how to do something a phone call is usually all it takes to sort things out. We don’t have to wait for hours on the end of a long queue, we are dealt with promptly and efficiently, what more could you ask for.closing

openOne huge advantage from my point of view is being able to post to previous periods and hence not having to complete a ‘month end’ before making postings for the new month. That is what I always had to do, in order to have meaningful monthly accounts. Another benefit is that we are much nearer being paperless, due to the fact that information is held permanently on the system. The information we can find from the records never ceases to amaze me. Finally I must say how very helpful your support department are in helping with queries and problems. There always seems to be one of them available to speak to, though there seems to have been little need for some time now.closing

openWe initially used the IASV4 package and reluctantly changed to Encore in early 2003, this is a decision we do not regret as we now have a system that surpasses IASV4 in every way possible. Due to the nature of our business and our specific requirements, being able to deal with a company that would listen, interpret and implement our requirements efficiently was a major deciding factor in the purchase of Encore. We are pleased to say that your teams’ performance has shown that we made the right decision. Your support team always show excellent product competency, politeness and if ever a problem has occurred it has always been dealt with quickly and efficiency, generally with the working day. We have talked to many of our customers and suppliers about Encore. They are often amazed at the information recall that we have at our fingertips and the speed at which we can access it. To this end we seem to have made arod for our own backs as some customers now prefer to phone us and find out what they ordered a year ago rather than look in their own filling systems.closing

openOur company has used Anagram Systems computer software since 1988. Anagram was our original choice of software as the company evolved so did the system. The updating was done without any major disruption to the company.
During this time Anagram has made many modifications to the standard software on our behalf. I do not know of any other software company who will work so closely with its customers. The ability to integrate our Accounts and Stock Control package with other Windows products such as Spreadsheets, etc, have proved invaluable. In closing, Anagram’s strengths are having a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing computer software. They are flexible and sympathetic to customers individual needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anagram to future potential customers and would gladly discuss the system with them.closing

openAnagram Systems have completely changed our whole accounting practice. Before the introduction of the Anagram Encore program our whole accounting system was one long paper chasing mess. Since the introduction of Encore we have established a professional up to date accounting system enabling us to run up to date reports so we can keep on top of our business The ability to use our payroll program in conjunction with Anagram Encore has made significant timesavings. Overall we would highly recommend Anagram Encore for any size business as it just grows and grows with your companies needs.closing

openHaving been a customer of Anagram Systems for over 25 years, I have found that they have always offered an extremely efficient and friendly service and I would have no hesition in recommending them to any business colleague. Their various accounting systems from Anagram that we have used over this time have always proved to be ‘user friendly’ and ‘Encore’ is no exception. As our Company has grown over the years, our accounting software needs have also changed and Encore certainly meets all our current requirements. The ability to instantly change an accounts status, whilst maintaining a full history is a very useful tool both for us and for our cusotmers. It is extremely important that we have a full history of their dealings when they call with an enquiry or query as this enables us to provide a comprehensive service. To be able to interrogate all aspects of the information stored and to immediately see a customer’s complete trading history is not only a useful sales tool but also important for marketing purposes. The breadth and depth of the reports and management information that can be obtained from within Encore is excellent and we have found that this latest package ensures that we maximise our potential with regards to profit margins and product groupings. One area that has been of extreme usefulness is the ability to be able to e-mail direct from the accounting system to our customers any accounting information, i.e. invoices, copy invoices, remittance advices, statements of accounts, etcclosing

openWe have used Encore since 1992. Having worked with most popular accounting suites, I found that Encore was by far the most user-friendly application. The one aspect of our business which has benefited most from the use of Encore is not so much the performance of the software, which is very good and flexible, but the level of technical support offered by Anagram Systems. The fact that we are able to call on the assistance of their technical support, and get an immediate response, has meant that our productivity in the management side of the business has been greatly enhanced. This, combined with the excellent flexibility and simplicity of use inherent in Encore, means that I have no hesitation in praising the product in the highest possible terms.closing

openSince the introduction of the Anagram System to our offices, I am pleased to report that its users have gained benefits all round. Due to the features it offers, where we are able to refer back to any transaction made, we have been able to greatly reduce the amount of paper we file away, creating a virtually paper-free office environment. This helps us to function at a much greater level of efficiency. One other point I would comment upon is the invoice feature. Several employees, including myself, use the system to print invoices and find ituser friendly and easy to operate. New employees catch on quickly, and enjoy using it! We would definitely recommend your service and products to other companies.closing